Space: The Primal & Feared (Visions of the late L. J. Fathomsworth) # 1

Editors note: It is with reserved pleasure that I introduce you to what we hope will be a recurring segment on Comedy So Serious! Our intern, who asked to remain anonymous, has received the previously unread essays of the man who was said to have inspired the great H.P. Lovecraft… L.J. Fathomsworth. Though unknown to the general public, his name has been heard among the murmurs and whispers of occultist writing circles for decades. Despite tenuous family relations, and the likelihood that we will lose the legal rights to release these works, we shall forge ahead for as long as we can, disseminating his lesser known vision to the public. 

IMG_0128 1

“What horrors lie in wait… Within the interior of my inner abyss, I can only feel… abysmal.”


“Have ye not seen the void above, filled, stuffed, packed with stars?”

IMG_0071 1

“It’s… I mean, what is that?! No one knows. Endless attempts to quantify madness only results in madness… Science is shit compared to space.”

IMG_0117 1

“Compared to endless, boundary-less, formless, faceless… space.”

***Views and opinions represented herein do not necessarily reflect those of Comedy So Serious!


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