Space: The Primal & Feared (Visions Of The Late L.J. Fathomsworth) # 2

“Journey with me through the ages, across limitless spans, throughout infinite time… Into a frenzied conniption.”


“Peer into the cosmic eyeball of the void, and ask yourself, ‘who will blink first?'”


“Oh, the Cosmos and their… cosmetics. What is the grand design laid out by those ancient, nightmare creatures who inhabited the galaxy’s earliest whisps of protoplasm?

space 2

“Few have heard tell of the Cummerbund galaxy, where Orion’s belt was originated, and even fewer know of the perils there, that still lie in waist.”


“Some say that there are worlds within worlds… Universes within universes… They suggest that Space’s empty eye is always trained on them, watching, judging… Counting calories.”


“And, indeed, they may be correct. For, as we all know, ‘personal space’ is a contradiction in terms…”


Excerpted from L.J. Fathomsworth: Essays

(Images and Gifs via: herehere, here, here, and here. Editor’s caution: these sites are buggy!)

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