Editorial: The Comedy So Serious! Team

The staff at Comedy So Serious! has requested that I, your humble editor and founder of this enterprise, introduce them more directly to you, the readers. Naturally, I resisted, but their persistent onslaught of melancholic glances, and loud, heavy-hearted sighs wore me down. And so, it is with reserved pleasure that I introduce to you the Comedy So Serious! team, in no particular order:

Deegan H. – Editor in Chief


Unrelenting journalistic integrity.

After many long years investigating the internet, your esteemed editor left his apartment and met several actual, living, breathing human beings at a local coffee-shop. Instantaneous synergy propelled a conversation into an idea, into an action, and finally into yet another relatively unimportant vortex on the infinite map of the interwebs.

Pablo V. III – MFA

After eight years as an undergraduate at an illustrious college, which for legal reasons requested not to be associated with the aforementioned, Pablo V. III then attended a community college workshop entitled, Art: Mastering the Masters.


No painting too big, no miniature too small… Critic Maestro Extraordinaire

As far as I can make out, this was a program that met once a week to discuss the topic of art… Akin to a book club, perhaps. After many failed attempts to ascertain further information from Pablo, I finally suggested that maybe he was under an illusion–a spell, if you will–regarding his alleged MFA status. Subsequently, we cleaned up the wine that Pablo spilt in utter indignation, and I decided to cease my inquiries. I shall not be remembered as a stifler of dreams! Pablo now works as a grocer at an organic market to support his passion to one day have his own Art Critic’s blog. Good luck, Pablo!

Comedy So Serious! Intern, Q

I’ll wager I know what you’re thinking: OO7 reference. Bland. Expected. But, no… A slightly less anticipated reference to the character played by John de Lancie on the television program, Star Trek TNG. Our intern is indeed quixotic, and makes questionable decisions. But mainly he just looks like this fine fellow:


If you don’t know… I can’t tell you.

Intern Q, who wishes to remain unnamed, yet ironically doesn’t mind our sharing the details of his personal life, currently lives with his parents and is pursuing a career in avoiding the responsibilities of adulthood. We’ll be here for you on that fateful day when you realize, with a shudder, that you have become your own worst nightmare. That said, for Pete’s sake, Q, ease up on the sugar in the coffee.

L. J. Fathomsworth – Science fiction writer and philosopher


Another contribution of Intern Q’s, beside the passive-aggressively sweetened coffee, is his inheritance of an estranged relative’s body of writings. Of course, I am speaking of  the phenomenal, L.J. Fathomsworth. As I previously mentioned in an editor’s note at the beginning of our Space: The Primal & Feared series, he was never published despite having been a large influence on the famous H.P. Lovecraft. Many believed his works of fiction to be more than that. Rather, they saw him as a herald of the Underworld, a philosopher of phobia, and occasionally… a failed writer turned kooky neighborhood oddball. After his passing, Intern Q unwittingly inherited these unpublished works and decided to share them with the world via, Comedy So Serious!

~ And these, dear readers, are the core contributors to our humble site. There will be guest posters, of course, and we’ll continue to update you on the staff as its numbers increase. Thank you all for reading, and be sure to leave us comments on how we’re doing!

Deegan H.

Images via: here, here, here, and here.

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