Happy Halloween from Comedy So Serious!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Specters and Spooks, Goblins and Ghouls, Naughty Nurses and Walter Whites… It. Is. HALLOWEEN!!!

Ya’ll know what time it is!

The day has come to revel in the night; the life of the dead once again penetrates the diaphanous division between the here and the hereafter. The hounds of Halloween are calling! Can you hear them?

What does the Hell-Hound say? Aaa-ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-a-ling-a-ling!

We here at Comedy So Serious! are more than a little excited to have spun round this solar-system once more, arriving at this most auspicious occasion.

Souls-are Eclipse… Right? Huh? Yeah, you get it.

There is only one way to announce the ascension of the exanimate, and that is to to dance your demons away; to party your poltergeists into sweet oblivion; and to exorcise the evil enmity we carry for this fleeting life!

Flash Mobs of Ghastly Slobs!

Be it Trickery or Treatery that you chose, we sincerely hope that you enjoy this uncharacteristically fun and pagan holiday! Be safe and conscientious on this Hallowed Eve and, remember, if you can’t beat ’em… Do as the Zombies do, and eat ’em!

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Halloween Countdown: 1 Day And Haunting

Halloween is unbearably, intolerably, horrifyingly close, reflecting our own inimically mortal face.

Love at first fright!

It is impossible for us to eclipse our excitement. The devious delight is as apparent as the grin stretching ear to ear on our faces.

Meowly shit!

Morbid morsels and accursed cocktails await, offering sensual pleasures from beyond the grave to the land of the living.


Some of us will masquerade as the dead, while others will hide their true and terrible forms under far less terrifying disguises.

“And I would have gotten away with it, too, if not for you meddling commie-Dems!”

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Wednesday Every Wednesday # 4

The defining moment of every workweek has arrived. The Zoroastrian zenith appears before us as we grab the figurative workaday bull by the horns and administer a devastating judo-flip, effectively turning the tides.


With whatever compensation we’ve been given for our efforts, be them meager or disproportionately large, we will all be unified in our rapid spending come the weekend.

As we all know, nothing brings people together like $$$…

So steel yourself against the remaining hours of this dwindling week, for on the horizon sets the sun of obligation. The crescent moon of weekend revelry is on the rise.

At midnight we writhe.

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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 11

And away we go!!! With all of our might and a fairly small portion of our intelligence, we charge into the world of absurdity!

Batman and Rob Schneider.

Within nanoseconds it becomes clear that, when up against the interwebs, we are grossly outmatched.

And I mean grossly!

The awesome power of hilarity humbles us with its forceful approach. Yet we continuously click onward, hoping for one more inane instant of amusement.

It goes to eleven.

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Space: The Primal & Feared (Visions Of The Late L.J. Fathomsworth) # 7

“Tumbling ever further into the void, we pass beyond the threshold of ourselves into an expansive, indefinable womb of dread, where all nightmares are born…”

Sandra Bullock was great in this.

“What sun or moon will rise on the foreign worlds of our darkest fears? Will we sunbathe underneath the bright-star of our abhorrence, developing a tan of terror?”

“Houston, we have a problem.”

“Every concrete expression of existence is a portal in time, transporting us to the ends of the known universe. There, at the eternal horizon, we are all alone, and yet we hear a voice saying, ‘I think I can see my house from here.'”

No place like home…

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Pablo’s Pablum # 7

After a short hiatus, I, Pablo V. III MFA, have returned for another astonishing segment of cunning criticism and profound postulation! Today we’ll be looking at Michal Janowski’s chilling paintings, which seem to be pulled straight from the headlines of the collective unconscious’ favorite zine. This first piece by Janowski, entitled, “It Is Hard To Tell Which Part of a Dream Could Be Real; Man With The Melted Ice Cream” seems to deal with neither a man, nor melting Ice Cream. Unless, if by “man” you mean “horrific goat monster,” and by “Ice Cream” you mean “please stop gazing into my soul with your empty, nightmare eyes.” Nevertheless, it is evident that Janowski’s work draws heavily on the amalgamated memories of dreams long forgotten.

I’ll never be able to eat Ice Cream again.

With this second piece, “Shape Shifting as Favourite Method of Deception” a sense of mischief and dubiousness arises in the gentle smile of the beak. The color palette is brilliantly augmented by the inclusion of the two floating clementines behind our figure. And the brush strokes that Janowski employs are both seamless and overt, dancing between photo-realism and expressionistic… expression.

Clementines are so much more than tiny oranges…

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Monday Miasma # 6

Ladies and Gentlemen, avid readers and funny-gif-skimmers, accidental visitors and regular attendees… It. Is. Monday… Again.

I can haz capitalism?

There are, of course, worse fates, but Comedy So Serious! treats even the slightest of offenses with the utmost frivolity! And we are here to ease the pain, if even for just one minute of your day! Be it coffee or your own neurological cocktail of anxiety, there are obvious side effects to enduring the first day of the workweek.

More caffeine is required.

But take heart, brave warriors, for the journey will be met with a vigorous dose of sarcasm and facetiousness.

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our Feline!!!

And in due time, there will come an occurrence unmatched at any other instance of the week: the end of your shift on this Miasmic Monday!

Patented “End of Monday Rainbow Shake!”

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