Editorial: In A World Unlike Our Own

In this fleeting, dew-drop like existence, there are many different perspectives, aspirations, and ways of life, but there are also quite a few universals as well. Fixations on youth, wealth, and power, for example, seem to span cultures, regions, and times. Obviously, our advanced society negotiates these challenges with the intelligence and fairness humanity is most known for, but what if things weren’t going so smoothly?


Unlimited power meets adolescent thinking… A sight unseen, unless you follow politics.

Imagine, if you will, an alternate reality, totally different from our own, where financial inequality and classist rumblings prevailed. A terrifying prospect, I know, but indulge me. In this world of our hypothetical musings, it would be possible for overgrown children to capture an audience’s attention, forcing them to bear witness to a full-blown temper-tantrum because he or she didn’t get what they wanted.


Thank God, we’re only imagining this world!

In this fictionalized world very unlike our own utopian civilization, such complex notions as sharing, compromise, change and progress, etc. would surely be cast in a negative light, much like the child with a new toy who suddenly rearranges his policies on splitting up toy-time.


The allocation of resources shouldn’t necessarily be contingent upon the basis of need… Said the kid with all the shiniest cars.

And what of wealth? How would this bizarro society come to regard the acquisition of riches? Given that there are diminishing resources and an increasing number of consumers, it would seem logical–perhaps even prudent–to make the best use of our valuables to ensure a dynamic, thriving economy with properly distributed funds…


You’re so Mummy and you don’t even know it!

Instead we might see, in this thankfully chimerical society, a select few individuals who have the most hold onto it with an ironclad grip, preventing anyone from benefitting from their prosperity even after their own demise… And the children! What of the children?


What’s worse than toddlers on leashes? Zombie-Skeleton toddlers on leashes… That’s what.

If this parallel universe of inequality actually existed, then the generations to come could potentially learn from it lessons of entitlement and intolerance, expecting that the privileged lifestyle of their progenitors should continue unchecked, no matter the consequences to their fellow citizen. I can scarcely imagine such a nightmarish scene, but as your editor, it is my duty to explore these issues, as implausible as they may be.


Images via: here, here, here, here, and here.

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