Editorial: Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

As the editor-in-chief of this reputable establishment, I believe I speak for all of us here at Comedy So Serious! when I say, “What do you mean electron density is the measure of the probability of an electron to be present at a specific location?” Our team of journalists–researchers in the field, researching… fields–food critics–art historians–and various professional writers all have one thing in common, despite our different areas of expertise:¬†we work hard.


No photographic evidence could be produced to support this claim, but we found this neat drawing…

For you see, ladies and gentlemen, comedy is no laughing matter. Many hours of arduous searches for relevant memes, earth-shattering “fail” images, and the like dominate our professional lives. Aside from coffee, copious amounts of diet soda and light-beer must be imbibed to ensure our faculties are appropriately lubricated. Very often, our staff’s relationships will suffer, their bonds of friendship straining under the demanding weight of a blogger’s responsibilitIes.


This is what blogging FEELS like.

When we strike pen to paper, it is with the surgeon’s confidence and precision. When we workshop ideas, molding good jokes into great ones, we toss euphemisms around like garbagemen hauling dangerously assorted waste. When we elicit tepid chuckles from our readers, we take pride in a job well done, as a teacher might after watching her students pass exams with a sixty-five.



In short, Comedy So Serious! evinces unwavering dedication and an old-world work ethic commonly lost on today’s youth. However, I am confident that our humble operation might still have an effect in the world, inspiring others to come forward, set aside foolish notions like running a humor site, and do the hard work required to run a humor site. The future is in your hands.


The future is boned…

Editor’s note: the views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Comedy So Serious!

Images via: here, here, here, and here.

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