Freaky Friday! # 2


The dizzying blur of a whirlwind week passed, the volatile euphoria undulating throughout your being… It can mean only one thing: It’s Friday!!! At Comedy So Serious!, we strive for the strange, beckon the bizarre, and court the creepy. Also, we’re big fans of alliterations. The hard-earned weekend is a time to revel in those qualities that you were not hired for, and we’d like to offer a little encouragement in your pursuit of the elusive creature, “Fun.”

Allow the smooth sounds of Reggie Watts’ sensual comedy-music to lull you into a pacified state. Let the remaining few hours of the workaday world dim in the light of the eccentricity and inspiration offered above! And most of all, no matter what song is in your step, may your weekend be weird and your Friday freaky!


Any landing you can walk away from and encounter the giant, floating head of a humanoid space-babe is a good one, I always say…

Images via: here.

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