Editorial: How’s My Driving?

Here at Comedy So Serious! we strive for excellence in all of our expressions of mediocrity. We began this site with a common dream, a unifying vision, a galvanizing forethought:


Check, and check!

And, in many respects, we feel that we have succeeded in planting good roots in the fertile soil of comedy blogging. There have been thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of fan letters sent via inter-web-mail, offering praise, and some greatly appreciated constructive-criticism:


Thank you… We strive for mediocrity.

But to those who would mock us and our mockeries, we say this:

Comedy So Serious! laughs in the face of contempt, whilst contemplating faces of laughter!


“Strong men also cry… strong men also cry.” ~Mr. Lebowski”

We weep tears of bitter agony into the bosom of love and good cheer!


I’m so haaaappy!!!

And, above all, we will never waver in our unwavering commitment to bring you the most seriousness comedy has to offer. I believe it was Jay Z who said it first, but we’d like to borrow the sentiment and ask,

“Can I laugh?”

yes we can

Yes… Yes, you can.

 “They’re not scared of you. They’re scared of what you represent to ’em.” ~Easy Rider ~

Truer words were never spoken in a fictionalized setting.

Gifs and Images via: here, here, here, and here

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