Monday Miasma # 3

The time has come. A ritualized series of events that very few practice willingly is underway. Alarms everywhere have rung, or are ringing. Coffee pots in offices around this great nation are brewing the life-sustaining, tar-like fluid that is rapidly and despairingly imbibed by the masses. It’s morning… Monday morning.


Rise, my creation!!!

Though the weekend’s musky odor of dreams unfulfilled still clings to us, and what remains of our brain-cells has dematerialized to gelatinous, curdled gray-matter…


Every employee… Every Monday… Everywhere…

A subtle and mysterious transformation is taking place as the minutes tick away. A return to form, if you will. The reinstatement of the status quo, for better or worse…


Hmmm… Worse.

All so that over the course of this coming week, society as we know it keeps limping on, giving each of us one more chance to detoxify the Miasma of Mondays.


“Rare is the union of beauty and purity.” ~ Juvenal ~

Images via: here, here, here, and here

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