Pablo’s Pablum # 4

Editor’s Note: This post may rightly be considered NSFS (Not Safe For Sanity), but as that is not a widely recognized term, we’ll opt for NSFW, almost exclusively due to extreme WTF’ery. 

Dear returning readers, your illustrious illustrator hath returned for another essay containing the secrets of what is widely known among the elite of the art world. Today’s critique took me on a psychological journey that I haven’t traveled since Yoko Ono’s shell-shocking performance of Katy Perry’s, “Fireworks.” Seriously… take a minute… go there.

Talk about a palette cleanser!

Now, just when you thought it was safe to go into the art-world… Bart Hess


I actually sort of liked “Prometheus…”

The following images, as well as the above, are from a series aptly titled, Slime, by artist Bart Hess. An extraordinary interplay of medium: photography, textile, horror, nightmares… The list goes on and on! Mr. Hess’ work delves into the surrealist underworld of the subconscious, where dream logic prevails and subtle, intangible emotions drive the engine of the imagination.


I actually sort of liked “Fire in the Sky…”

In this not-so-humble MFA’s opinion, [editor’s note: no credible degrees of any kind can be found to substantiate Pablo V. III’s claim of educational status.] the blurring of boundaries between permeable and impermeable, within the flesh and without, is so… disturbing. Perhaps that is the artist’s intention… Perhaps not! Maybe Mr. Hess merely wishes to explore themes of sensuality and anxiety, which for an internet Art Critic go hand in hand. Maybe he is challenging us to confront a future of different synthetic media, where the flesh is hybridized and nano-bots replace red blood-cells…


I actually sort of liked “Spider Man 3”

Whatever Mr. Hess’ intention, one thing is for certain: there is communication going on between individualized aspects of the collective unconscious. Mr. Hess’ work has attracted some notable attention, as well. Lady Gaga, for example, participated in an exciting collaboration, resulting in–as you might have guessed–provocative work!


I actually sort of liked Lady Gaga covered in slime…

Art is the wolf’s howl into the desert’s chilly night. It’s the gnarled tree-branches grown around an iron gate. And sometimes it is also Slime… Dripping on people and other objects, revealing a nightmarish scene comprised of guttural reactions and opinions. This is one Art Critic who can honestly say, “He slimed me…”


Now that’s a classic!

Pablo V. III MFA

Editor’s Note: views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Comedy So Serious! 

Images via: here and here

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