Editorial: i NObot!

While technology soars along, gaining incredible momentum each day, there are some who wonder about the nebulous horizons we are rapidly approaching.



Esteemed inventor, futurist, and Director of Engineering at a little place called Google, Raymond Kurzweil believes that, due to technology’s exponentially increasing growth, we will reach a point where software and hardware are developing so fast that we will have to pair our consciousness with said technology in order to keep up with It.


Kurzweil refers to the moment when human consciousness joins with machine intelligence as, “The Singularity.” It signifies human evolution’s “point of no return,” and we’re approaching that event faster than you can say, “Skynet!” While it may seem that we’re a long way off until that day falls upon us like the dreaded red screen of death, here’s a disturbing reminder of just how close we are. Enter: WildCat… 

I just defragged in my nanopants…

If this terrifies every cell of your body, good because it’s those very cells that are about to become obsolete. While Boston Dynamics itself is an engineering and robotics design company with no apparent agenda of world domination, this humble editor can’t help but feel that another cog in the machine take-over has been fit into place.

Muscles tire… Bones break… Steel is your new lord.

Kurzweil has a decidedly optimistic take on the “Singularity,” suggesting that the merging of our organism with technology could mean an end to diseases and disabilities… perhaps even to death itself. However, we are left with a disturbing quandary: appreciate this one, fleeting, fragile life that we have, or live possibly forever as an abominable dog-robot-nightmare-machine? Pros: comprehensive programming–tireless, steel-reinforced locomotive apparatuses–infinite upgrading allows for an eternal hybrid human/robot existence… Cons:


Nuff said.

Gifs and images via: here, here, here, and here.

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