Space: The Primal & Feared (Visions Of The Late L.J. Fathomsworth) # 4

“With the dawn of every day, there is a sigh of relief… bittersweet, though it may be. For with that dawn comes another night when the veil is lifted, and the void is illumined…”


Such beautiful horror…

“When I was you a young boy, I too wished upon a falling star. I wished that it would not crush my life away.”


One wish… Make it count.

“For there are as many possibilities for disaster as there are colors in the rainbow… Or stars in the sky.”


Accident waiting to happen…

“But let us not forget the phantasmagoric phantasm that hangs in the ether; its head one thousand leagues of space dust; its tongue of anti-matter lashing the stars…”


Talk to the nebula ’cause the face don’t wanna get with ya! Oh! Burn!

“Will not the ancient, unimaginable ones–whom I imagine to be very large, somewhat reptilian, but with squid or octopus like features–return as the salmon do to their nesting grounds?”


Distant aliens refer to our galaxy as “the armpit of the universe.”

“Oh, how I yearn for a night sky clouded over in a merciful shroud of smog…”


L.A. today… If only the late L.J. Fathomsworth could have lived to see his dreams realized!

Editor’s note: views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of Comedy So Serious! 

Images via: here, here, here, here, and here.

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