Wednesday Every Wednesday # 1

Once again, we find ourselves betwixt and between the workweek’s insistent grasp, it’s hold waning as the end comes into view.

Will it be the red pill, or the blue pill?

The microcosms of our individual lives are, much like the ill-fated macrocosm, embroiled in a bitter power-struggle. But, dear reader, the tides are shifting… Pay day is nigh.

Behind every ordinary woman laughing hysterically, there is an extraordinary woman laughing hysterically.

For as history has shown, the disenfranchised will rise to create their very own franchises. The marginalized will start their very own margarine companies. And we, the people, shall endure.

Endurance never looked so good.

Or… maybe civilization will collapse beneath our feet because we failed to realistically acknowledge the problems of modern society… Either way, it’s Wednesday!


Gifs via: here, here, here, and here

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