Pablo’s Pablum # 5

Welcome back to Pablo’s Pablum with me, your host, Pablo V. III, MFA. This edition of my recurring art critiques presented a unique challenge, to say the least. I want to go on record as saying that I initially spoke with Comedy So Serious! intern Q to ensure that we had been sent the right materials, and despite multiple assurances I’m still skeptical. Why? Case in point:


This piece is just so… You know?

If you’re anything like me–a highly trained, keen-eyed, professional artist–then you might be asking yourself, “Why am I looking at a blurry photo of a muddy boot print atop a frozen lake?” However, if the information I’ve been given is  correct, then this is, in fact, a multi-media piece, including photography, digital manipulation, and painting. It’s no wonder then that the artist, Mr. Eberhard Havekost, achieved such accurate representations of things never before seen.


The colors in this piece are bringing up a lot of… And they’re just… But, that being said, yes.

Though I have exhaustively studied the arts, I have never seen or heard of anything quite like this. You’d think that somewhere on the long road of art’s history, some arteest, at some time, would have experimented with abstract imagery and amorphous compositions. But no such art or artists exist, and you can take my word for it because I’m an MFA (editor’s note: he’s not).


Somebody must have forgotten to change the printer’s ink-cartridge…

But wait! A work of art that speaks to me! I’ve been known to take pictures of clouds from an airplane window-seat myself, from time to time. But I digress. Mr. Havekost blends realism and surrealism in, frankly, an unreal manner. His strokes are breathy, yet serious… I hope he’s receiving the appropriate medical attention for them.


Oh hai!

Here we see Mr. Havekost’s work take on a slightly more representational expression with this close-up portrait of some sort of insect’s face, it would appear. Though vague and indeterminate, Eberhard Havekost continues breaking ground in the field of art, introducing his fellow artists and critics alike to a new vista of abstract work. Comedy So Serious! thanks you, sir, as do I, for enlightening us to the subtler potential of art.

Pablo V. III, MFA

Editor’s note: views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Comedy So Serious!

Images via: here.

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