Space: The Primal & Feared (Visions Of The Late L.J. Fathomsworth) # 5

“If a human being were to suddenly comprehend the entirety of the universe’s fearsome secrets… The vista–as infinite and mysterious as the night’s sky itself–would surely reduce our mind’s remaining gray-matter to jelly.”


Mind not yet blown…


Mind now blown.

“When asked by colleagues and students, ‘do you believe in extraterrestrial life?’ I simply respond, ‘yes.’ What I don’t say aloud is, ‘and your nightmares are evidence of the psychic ripples created by their presence, billions of years ago.'”


Field of Dreams. Terrible, horrible dreams.

“If the void is infinite, then within a field of infinity, the probability of life existing elsewhere is likewise infinite; Infinite heads and infinite tails, if you will…”


Anybody home?

“With regard to my theories of ancient, chimerical creatures being Humanity’s true progenitors, the current findings seem to point to a radical conclusion: ‘Inconclusive.'” 


Scanning for Ancient Nightmare Beings… Scanning… Scanning… Scanning…

“As we venture ever farther into the boundary-less regions of space, our eyes skyward, we have yet to consider the eyes trained Earthward. What mysteries we have yet to seek; what mysteries we must be to seekers unknown to us!”


“Ya know, Zorath, from up here they just look like puny humans…”

“One thing remains true, at least… Whether inward or outward, mystery is all you will ultimately encounter. Ancient, nightmare, monster mystery.”


You are entering… The Twihard Zone.

“Tarry not into the dark night, for the madness of knowing awaits you there… Embrace it, for we have sprung from it and shall return henceforth!”

Editor’s note: views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of Comedy So Serious! 

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