Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 2

Feel free to play this song as you slowly reclaim your personhood from the throes of a hard-earned hangover.

What a cruel twist of fate this Gregorian calendar has brought upon us, its ceaseless elliptical nature forever returning us to this fateful Sunday morning.

Geometry hates you.

Where the simplest of wishes become strenuous and complicated toils to fulfill.

We do, too, Mindy… We do, too.

And the party-hungry masses have devolved into head-ache riddled hangers on.


Oh, now she’s ready to admit the truth.

But this is the crux, the veritable razor’s edge… Because the weekend is not over.


That’s right! Sunday can be reclaimed from the bog of Saturday night’s ill-advised decisions. Gather your strength! Imbibe your coffee! Organize a humble gathering! Or simply let yourself go, enjoying the remaining few hours of personal freedom that you have at your disposal.

The whole world in one cup of joe.

Gifs and images via: here, here, here, here, and here.

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