Pablo’s Pablum # 6

The autumn chill is upon us and I, Pablo V. III MFA, wanted to join in with Comedy So Serious! for a seasonally appropriate post. Enter the dark and familiarly foreign world of Karborn and his series of pieces entitled, “Evidence of Time Travel.”


Looking more accurate by the day!

Through a multi-phase process, (involving Amiga 1200’s, a series of scan converters, VHS formats and Wobulators, among other phenomena I’ve never heard of…) Karborn is able to render these eerie images that beg the question: WTF?


“I saw a man who wasn’t there…”

The effect of Karborn’s process produces a vintage, antiquated look with a surreal and modern update rendered in the form of technological distortion.  The result, at least for this art critic, is a persuasive call to return to the subconscious, its collective memory banks blurred by our fast paced, digital world. Also, it’s kinda Halloweeny…


Speaking of digital! No? Nothin’?

Not much is known about the artist, Karborn, except what this sublime excerpt from the artist’s page hints at: “A prototype young artist of the future-technoid, paradisiacal, neuromantic…” My education, though extensively brief and thoroughly superficial, fails me when it comes to interpreting the aforementioned quote. In fact, my response may be best represented by another of Karborn’s works:

karborn 2

Phasers set to FACE!

Karborn’s work may not be directly related to Halloween (editor’s note: “or indirectly!”), but I feel that there are certain themes at play that are evocative of the holiday’s aesthetics.


Need a costume idea? Here’s one inspired by this piece of art! Go as Nick Cage from 8MM! Click —here— for costume instructions!

This Halloween, whether it be Trick or Treat, I hope you remember there’s no Halloween Party without Art or Yellow… There’s just Ha____een P____. And nobody wants that.

Pablo V. III MFA

Images via: here.

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