Editorial: Really, Reality?

“What you see is what you get…” A popular turn of phrase, to be sure, but is it even remotely accurate? The answer: No. Perhaps a better wording would be, “what you see is what the F?”

My brain just shat itself.

The mind-melting scene above is the result of a process called anamorphosis. Using a projection technique combining multiple-point perspective, mathematics, and dark magics, the artist–or sorcerer–can achieve a stunning degree of three-dimensionality, rendering the cognitive abilities of the brain defenseless against misinformation.

From “a baseball” to “amazeballz” with a simple flick of the wrist.

For this humble editor, these findings point to larger questions… Namely, how much of what we see and experience is similarly misperceived? Can we trust our appraisal of reality? And how do you destroy a sorcerer? Cognitive science has taught us that our brains are constantly “filling in” gaps in our perception, but I might be more inclined to deduce that we are living in a fantasy world of our own presumptuous making.

Everything you know is a lie…

Whlie evidence strongly suggests that “The Matrix” was just a movie, I think I speak for all of us at Comedy So Serious! when I say,


Whoa, indeed, sir. Whoa, indeed.

Gifs and Video via: here here, and here

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