Gif Not Now, Then When? # 9

With a thunderous quake, the Internet trembles….


All eyes are trained Gifward, their gaze like burning coals, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sublime.

“I have seen some shit, man, I kid you not…”

And though the inane and the transcendent often go hand in hand, not even the most sophisticated attempts to recreate the resplendent have succeeded.


Truly exalted esoterica must be real, raw, unpretentious, and inspired.

Now this is art!

And regardless of your successes, there will always be detractors… Seeking to detract.

“Gators onna skates!”

The best defense for those of us under attack from mediocrity: try not to gif a shit…

Swagger won’t quit!

Gifs via: here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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