Editorial: Comedy So Serious Is Traveling!

The Comedy So Serious! team and I are currently in sunny San Diego, California promoting good humor and internet irreverence to the left coast! We hear they’re not familiar with lolz, and roflz.

No amount of alcohol can prepare you for this flight.

We’ll be bringing you all the usual favorites from the Comedy So Serious! team such as, “Food Me Once, Shame On Me,” “Pablo’s Pablum,” “Gif Not Now, Then When?,” “Space: The Primal & Feared,” and of course our beloved, “Halloween Countdown,” as well as much, much more. As for this humble editor, I’ll strive to encapsulate the subtle differences between West and East coasts, while highlighting the hilarious commonalities.

Driving is much less comfortable on the west coast.

Stay tuned for lots more from all of us here at Comedy So Serious!, where we work on vacation so your mind can vacate work.

Gifs via: here and here.

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