Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 3

Feel free to play this offensively upbeat song by the Monkees whilst perusing.

Incredible vocal control. Less credible actual singing.

After a deluge of dubious drinks and a smattering of unseemly situations, the time has come to detox, collect ourselves, and retox once more while the weekend remains!

What goes in must come out.

Seek out sustenance suitable for the cold-blooded, unflappable party-shark that you are.

Breakfast of murderous-shark champions.

Steel yourself against the doldrums of Sunday afternoon, strap on your jet-packs, and survey the wasted Earth for signs of life!

The future, circa 1978

For although Monday’s shadow looms, the weekend is far from over, and we shall not take sleeping lying down!

Gifs via: here, here, and here.

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