Monday Miasma # 5

Like the mighty she-wolf whose very nature has been bred out of her, leaving a subdued house pet where once was a fearsome predator, we find ourselves once again jumping through hoops and relegated to routines.

Clever girl…

With a sigh and a shudder, we plunge back into the workweek, quietly enduring the opprobrium sustained in our pursuit of financial security.

Will dance on neck for pay…

But, as the tides change and the winds shift, so too does the miasma of Monday slowly lift. From within the belly of the hitherto crestfallen coworker comes a shout of triumph–a shriek of hope!

“Loud noises!!!”

Suspended in air, shimmering like a majestic mirage on the horizon, our release from the toils of the mundane and mediocre lies within reach.

There’s always room for Tuesdays…

So take heart, for the curtain is closing on this ongoing theatrical performance. The tragic comedy of Monday is nearing its grand finale, and everyone is invited to the after-party!

Ah-buh-dee, ah-buh-dee, screw Mondays.

Gifs via: here, here, here, and here.

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