Editorial: Funny Ha-Ha, or Funny Ha-Ha?

In terms of an experiment, where a hypothesis is first posited, then tested again and again for accuracy, I feel that I can say without hesitation that San Diego is lacking in its appreciation of the absurd, irreverent, and offbeat.

Have you heard the one about California?

After spending nearly a week immersed in natural beauty, exchanging many a witticism with San Diego’s varied, sun-bleached residents, I have formed a rather disturbing theory: when it comes to sarcasm and random humor, the Left Coast is bereft most. Having waxed jocular with a number of waitresses, valets, and shop owners, it’s apparent that comfort, ceaselessly gorgeous weather, and image-conscious diets have all but eradicated the need for biting cynicism and insightfully witty commentary. Never have I appreciated the benefits of financial insecurity, self effacing tendencies, and a physique that is already a half written joke as much as I do now.

Of course, this editor feels that it would be remiss not to offer an alternate theory to explain the lack of laughs: it is possible, however remotely, that we are simply not as funny as we thought.



Editor’s note: No Californians were harmed in the making of terrible jokes. Annoyed, perhaps, but unharmed.

Gif and image via: here and here.

One comment on “Editorial: Funny Ha-Ha, or Funny Ha-Ha?

  1. Being perpetually hungry makes people lose their sense of humor, no matter what region their from. I should know I went to a performing arts college.

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