Freaky Friday! # 5


Harnessing the power of planetary rotation, we have spun through yet another week of capitalistic condescension, industrialized indignity, and a slew of other alliterations to this, the present… Friday! We did it their way, now it’s time to try a little weird!

Ah, the mesmerizing melodies of the bizarre and unusual… What sweet sounds they make. While you drift lazily toward the end of the workday, we here at Comedy So Serious! hope you find great release in the weekend ahead. Shed the burdens of expectation and societal demand.

3D Glasses ON!!!

Recharge your batteries, replenishing the vital and mysterious sustenance called inspiration…

Nine times knocked down, ten times get up!

And get ready to exorcise your demons on the dance-floor of your subconscious!

Do the Elaine!

However you choose to spend your weekend, we hope it’s satisfyingly weird and fittingly freaky!

Gifs and images via: here, here, here.

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