Halloween Countdown: 4 Days And Haunting

Halloween is rapidly approaching. Survivng the Day of the Dead and the Night of the Non-living will require fortitude, strength, cunning, and a clever costume witht the potential to go viral.

Guillotine dreams.

The creatures of the night laugh heartily into the open-mic of the underworld, where hecklers are doomed to an eternity of being crushed by the talent.

“you suck!!!” [blood…]

A celebration of mortality, morbidity, and the undeniable attraction to grossness.

The ugly truth behind carving Jack-O-lanterns: their boogery physiology…

And although Halloween only comes once a year, the literal appreciation of physical depreciation remains in the foreground of our fears all year long.

What’s the thread count on those sheets?

Some of us seek to make peace with our fears, using the traditions and customs of Halloween to assuage our anxieties, while others see the occasion as the singular opportunity to merge death with life in their minds and hearts.

Bat hair day…

But regardless of whether the masses heed the portentous meaning of Halloween, one thing remains certain: ain’t no party like a dead man’s party, ’cause a dead man’s party don’t stop!

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

Gifs and images via: here, here, here, here, here, and here.

2 comments on “Halloween Countdown: 4 Days And Haunting

  1. Wowawee! Are you trying to scare the professor? If so, it takes a lot to do so; so stop it dadblameit! Manothunder! WHAT was THAT??? You must be Punchyish?….

  2. P.s. Glad to Al’s getting his exercise……..

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