Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 4

Feel free to play the below song as you peruse our smattering of Sunday silliness. 

Literary lovers and comedy connoisseurs, it is Sunday once again! Perhaps the most difficult day of the week to rally. Saturday night hangs heavy on our shoulders, providing an array of potentially mislaid plans to reflect upon, and Monday looms like the iron mountain of mediocrity that, for many of us, it is. But, this fertile valley where afternoon and evening flowers bloom shan’t be lost on us!

Into the valley of possibility!

 With defiance and courage in our hearts, we must look to the remaining hours of personal time and potential creative-expression to justify our fleeting existence. Let us not be satisfied to wile the hours away idly! Unless, of course, idle wiling is your thing… In which case, have at it!

Goodbye cruel Sunday!

Be not afraid to reach with all your being into the cosmos for inspiration to strike like the awesome and terrible lightening bolt of Zeus’ glorious beard!

May the Gods have mercy on our afternoons!

Whatever you craft for yourself, we here at Comedy So Serious! hope that it satisfies and stimulates your deeper, creative wells of inspiration before the workweek has run them dry once more!


Gifs via: here, here, and here.

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