Gif Not Now, Then When? # 11

And away we go!!! With all of our might and a fairly small portion of our intelligence, we charge into the world of absurdity!

Batman and Rob Schneider.

Within nanoseconds it becomes clear that, when up against the interwebs, we are grossly outmatched.

And I mean grossly!

The awesome power of hilarity humbles us with its forceful approach. Yet we continuously click onward, hoping for one more inane instant of amusement.

It goes to eleven.

And no matter how much joy it brings us, be it a smirk or a guffaw, we seem hardwired to respond as cantankerously as possible. Ah, the abdication of responsibility via anonymity.

Everyone on the internet about everything.

And while the only thing for certain is death, the quintessential question still remains: will it be as dignified as this silo’s departure from the world?

That was… um, beautiful.

Spoiler Alert: probably not.

Gifs via: here, here, and here.

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