Freaky Friday # 9


Arise, my food-coma companions! For some of us, those who don’t have to work today, there is even more cause for celebration! But regardless of our obligatory orientation, there is one thing we can all be sure of…

It’s Friday!

Time to get freaky!

Feel the flames of my Friday fury!

As we travel the confounding cosmos, let us merge our minds with any and all knowledge we come across! Here’s a little something to kick-start our Cosmonaut conquest!

The weekend is upon us, and as the year winds down, our momentum gears up. Awaken your inner child with merriment and epic panache! Delve into the dance hall of the divine with unreserved abandon! 


They will tell tales of this weekend for generations to come, as the children of our children listen with rapt attention. May your Friday be freaky, and your weekend wondrously weird!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A special Thanksgiving installment of Comedy So Serious!

Ah, the smell of gratitude! It’s that time of year when an awkward gathering of strangers, better known as family, assembles to shame each other and exchange passive aggressive quips!

“Honey, would you pass the excess?”

Despite corporate greed and the mass-market co option of sentimentality, there is something to be said for a holiday built around the notion of being grateful. That something is, “indigestion.”

Just wait till you see the casserole…

Like most Americans, we here at Comedy So Serious! realized that we weren’t totally clear on the actual history and basis of the Thanksgiving tradition, so we did a bit of research. To streamline the educational process, we included this easy to follow Gif (below) that succinctly summarizes the history and spirit of the occasion.

Ohhh… Totally get it now.

As you can see, it’s a day dedicated to reflection, warmth, and generosity. A time to stop the hectic scramble for unattainable ends before hecticly scrambling for attainable products on “Black Friday.” Continue reading

Wednesday Every Wednesday # 8

As we each, in our own way, attempt the Kessel Run of our lives, hoping to make it in under twelve parsecs, there are sign posts along the way to indicate our course and speed. This day, ladies and gentlereaders, is one of them!

“You don’t know the power of the ‘snark-side’…”

The surreal passage of time–sometimes in our favor, other times not so much–is an elusive beast from which we cannot escape. In truth, our only recourse is to disappear into the very fabric of existence, which in many cases is akin to cheap, patent-leather.

“I hope I never wake up, I hope I never wake up, I hope I never wake up…”

But Wednesday is the whistling gasket on the pressure cooker of life! And often all that is required is to let off a little steam. Or a lot of steam…

This gag never gets old… Wait. Yeah it does.

But take heart! For the greater the squeeze, the heartier the relief! And if that equation holds true, we should be in for one hell of a weekend release!

Look out, Friday! Here we come!!!

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Monday Miasma # 10

Do you feel it? That sharp, piercing pain stabbing at the core of your being, shaking the very foundations of functionality…

It’s Monday.

In space, no one can hear your aneurisms.

Without warning or explanation, the inimical intrusion of the workweek descends upon us once more, irradiating us with irritation and inane industry.

You are now under our control. Until 5pm.

At our disposal, however, are years of training in the subtle arts of self-defense. With a sudden twist of the hips, we are able to divert the oncoming efforts of authority. By redirecting the mundane and hurling it over our shoulder, the sublime can be discovered.

Dramatic Reenactment.

The secret is to apply a healthy dose of flippancy, Judo-flippancy if you will, to our thinking and prioritization. We all have a job to do, but the real work is not to be done in by our jobs.

So crazy it just might work!

We can, and must, awaken within ourselves the perspective required to laugh in the face of degradation, knowing intimately that there is a magnanimous meme living in our hearts. Its sole purpose is to unlock our creativity and sense of self-worth. Its means are absurd, but its effects are irreplaceable and unmistakable:

“This is my happening and it freaks me out!!!”

Breathe deep. The internet is here for you. And so are we!

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Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 7

As the weekend winds down, we here at Comedy So Serious! are here to remind you that it’s not over yet! In fact, as The Young Rascals are here to tell you, Sunday can be a unique and intimate day in and of itself.

Softness never seemed so… soft.

Ah, the soothing melodies of songs from yesteryear… What a distinct effect they have upon our being, instigating a curious and relaxed state in all of our billions of neural pathways.

Pictured: The Neural [Inter]Net

Although it seems impossible to escape Monday’s looming shadow, there is time enough to find beauty and inspiration in our dwindling hours of freedom.


It has never been more important to dig our heels into the soil of self-expression than on the eve of our impending return to the mundane toils of this modern life!

“Caaall the police!”

For there is a time and a place for tears (such as on the floor of the bathtub during your Monday morning shower), but it is not now!

So, so disturbing.

May the fleeting hours of freedom we have left be fruitful and fulfilling!

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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 14

Welcome to another mind bending addition of Gif Not Now, Then When? Because the internet doesn’t stop twisting reality onto itself like the ontological Ouroboros, so why should we?

What. Is. Happening?!?!

Despite the overexposure of stimuli to our six senses, we continue to peer into the perplexing portal of the collective unconscious, unwavering in our gaze.

Play it again, Sam…

For the limits of our imagination are not necessarily constricted by our current perspective. There is always something just out of view, lingering on the horizon, tempting us onward into the unknown.

Big [Foot] Brother is watching you…

Continue reading

Freaky Friday # 8


Ladies and gentlemen, once again it is our unique pleasure to shout from the proverbial rooftops… It. Is. Friday!!! Congratulations on conquering the tumultuous transformations required to stay sane in this ever-updating world!

“What, me worry?”

In mere hours, we shall burst forth from our confines, reclaiming the life that belongs unquestioningly to us. There is no better way to pry open the pistachio of perplexity than with style and absurd, choreographed dance moves developed in an utterly foreign environment!

I knew he was nuts, but this…

To wet your weekend whistles, here’s an oldie–but goodie–from The Chemical Brothers entitled, “Let Forever Be!”

That ought to prime the pump, readying us all for a weekend of expansive, experimental exploration! For life is short and fraught with difficulty… If we do not sever the shackles of conditioned responses now, this weekend, then when will we ever meet the mystical potential of this fleeting life?

I cAn haZ powerz!

Comedy So Serious! wishes you a Friday freaky enough to never forget, and a weird, worthwhile weekend full of colorful experiences!

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