Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 5

Ahhh, good morning, or afternoon… It’s all relative, or so we’re told by our relatives. One thing, however, is for certain: it’s Sunday! In honor of the late, great Lou Reed, we’re kicking this last day of the weekend off with a little Velvet Underground!

I know I speak for all of us here at Comedy So Serious! when I say that Monday’s shadow looms large over today’s potential for awesomeness, but herein lies our charge! Let us rally against time with all the predatory instincts of a lunching lynx! For the Cuckoo Clock of our carnal condition ticks ever onward, but our predatory predispositions can save us yet!

Cat got your clock?

Whether you’re just waking up, as this humble editor is, or you’ve been rocking back and forth in the shower for hours, I and the entire Comedy So Serious! team wish you the very best on this sordid Sunday!

Gif via: here

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