Editorial: Time Is Immaterial… Literally!

Time, perhaps the most overlooked non-renewable resource, waits for no one. As 2013 winds its way down, we here at Comedy So Serious! have found ourselves in a somewhat reflective mood, mainly when standing in front of the staff-lounge mirror.


Typical lunch-break in the Comedy So Serious! lounge.

With nary a dull moment, this bustling metropolis maintains a watchful eye on the clock of capital gain, seeking to monetize every minute of time’s generous and mysterious offering. As they say, “if it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make cents, so what’s the sense of wasting time?”

Time lapse gif of time… lapsing.

But what exactly is time? Modern physicists agree that, while most (if not all) humans share a common perception of it, when attempting to directly observe time there is nothing to be found and quantified as such. In fact, time seems not to have any reality apart from the observable relationships between objects, i.e. the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, or our stomach’s circumgyration around food…

Mmmm… Rosemary & Time.

My musings are admittedly limited by my paltry understanding of Quantum Mechanics, but, nevertheless, this humble comedy-blog editor is inclined to consider “time” a misnomer… a shadow cast in the form of a concept, a phantom image produced by relativity, an ingenious marketing scheme cooked up by clock makers! Whatever the case may be, time has no mass, it cannot be objectified sans other objects, but it is nevertheless running out, or on, or down… We’re really not sure.



Regardless of what time is, we do know one thing for sure: it’s precious. The Comedy So Serious! team and I wish you all a happy and healthy experience of… well, whatever this is.

Gifs and images via: here, here, here, here, and here.

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