Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 6

From the ashes of the oft sordid Saturday Night, rises the gentle Phoenix of Sunday… afternoon. This particular mythical bird of prey is named Daniel Boone, and he is here to brighten your brains out.

Ears bleeding at the 1:13 mark…

Holy smokes, that’s some good vibrations… Too good, perhaps.

Can’t… stop… spinning… Get help!

So feel-good, in fact, that my thinking has since navigated to the natural antithesis of such hearty, wholesome cheer.


But, take heart! For every thesis and antithesis coupling, there is a synthesis! Yes, that’s correct, a new vista of possibility. One in which there is time yet to meet minds and expand horizons! Or, to run to the grocery store while your movies are downloading for a night of restorative hibernation. Regardless of how you spend your remaining Sunday hours, we think this Gorilla has got it!

Ah, so comforting.

Gifs via: here and here.

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