Monday Miasma # 8

Another week has elapsed, another Monday is crossing our paths on this long, cyclical journey of life. As for enduring the effects of industrial injustice and creative asphyxiation, there is really only one thing to do: breathe…

“Aahh, now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?”

Locked in an endless battle with time, our courses laid out in spirals as dictated by the galaxy we occupy, we hurtle ever onward through the byzantine bustle of modern life, asking ourselves, “Why?…”

Please… make it stop…

The question has been known to cook many a conscientious mind, frying the yokes of our aspirations on the hot-flame of greed and corruption.

This is your brain on Mondays… Any questions?

And although our history is fraught with radical thinkers and revolutionary activists, the problems (and their solutions) remain relatively unchanged. As the collective stumbles, turning on itself in its hasty desire for scapegoats, it is up to us, the individual artists and thinkers of our time, to focus our efforts and right the course of our society!

Well spake, good sloth…

And if that doesn’t work… well, at least it will be Wednesday soon.

Gifs via here and here.

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