Pablo’s Pablum # 8

Hello and welcome to another installment of my illustrious illustraion elucidations! It is I, Pablo V. III, MFA, back for another brave, daring, witty post regarding today’s most esteemed artists that you’ve never heard of! I’m excited, if not trepidatious, to present the startlingly gentle works of digital collage created by Jennis Cheng Tien Li!


I’ve never been any good at these Magic Eye things, but I think it’s a 3D panda…

What we are looking at is… Well, I don’t know, but it’s evocative. The muted color palette belies the subdued tensions at play between the organic and the digital, the natural and the manufactured, the je ne sais quoi and the joie de vivre


I’ve got that same sweater!

In the above image, Miss Cheng Tien Li has challenged the abstract art-world with a representational piece [collective collectors’ minds blown]. Art is an ongoing dialogue between artists, wherein a visual tête-à-tête occurs with one piece setting the stage, and a following piece subverting or affirming the former. As with any dialogue, it takes place in a particular language. Here, the language is Art. I’m just not sure what dialect it’s in…


Is that… Are those… Or maybe that’s a foot?

Here, Miss Cheng Tien Li returns to form with another formless abstraction. The clashing colors hide the contours of an image lost, teasing our imagination, instigating a romance between the eyes and brain as the two work in tandem to figure out what is going on. Oh, the poetry of confusion!


Disturbing, yet uncomfortable.

This last piece draws upon the subconscious of the viewer to fill it with meaning. For me–a first-rate, third-tier art-critic–my memories flitter to long hours spent adjusting the tracking on the VCR, hoping to catch an unhindered glimpse of the movie’s villain just before the VHS-tape craps out. There is horror, yes. But there is also wonder and longing! The essential relationship between Arteest and audience is palpable with Jennis Cheng Tien Li’s work. All the pieces sampled here share the qualities of mystery and consternation that we’ve come to expect from the elite of the art-world. I can only hope that whatever you’re feeling as a result of these works (frustration, ambivalence, sociopathic tendencies), you continue to explore what the realm of artistic expression has to offer. May your strokes be bold, and your color palette true! Until next time!

Pablo V. III, MFA

Images via: here.

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