Gif Not Now, Then When? # 13

The ever changing face of the internet looks down upon the huddled, underlit masses ceaselessly checking their devices for the newest, most exciting machinations of this modern mentality.

“And behold, a horse-mask meme!”

And as the beholder witnesses the undulating, evolving, meta madness, she realizes all too late that it is she  who has become beholden…

Cannot be unseen…

Suddenly, even the most improbable means of escape seems a viable option. Back-peddling furiously, desperately trying to make sense of the mess of self-referentiality, we are revealed as the fly in the spider’s web.

Excellent Ab workout… For all the laughing bystanders.

For there is nothing the eyes of the internet do not see… No name that cannot be googled… And no way to protect your Facebook privacy!

Totally normal. Not terrible at all.

The only way to destroy this monster is to become it! And we are just a few memes away, traveling at terrifying download speeds!

What hath we wrought?!

Gifs via: here, here, here, and here

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