Monday Miasma # 9

Oh, the misery of Monday…

This wouldn’t have been as big a deal on Tuesday…

Like a forgotten memory, the miasmic swamp-gas of a nascent workweek wafts up into our sense fields, suddenly reminding us of the monster we mercifully misremembered.

Hello, old friend.

An unmistakable sense of dread permeates our being, seemingly indicating the need to take action.

The spider sense borders on precog… Oh, nevermind.

But instead of charging into the wilderness, sloughing off all responsibility, we must dig deep, find the resolve to put on a smile, and enthusiastically take up our lot once more.

“Yes, I’ll have those reports ready by the end of the day.”

For within the heart of resistance there is the subtle knowledge of our capacity to endure. We must apply the figurative bellows to the metaphoric embers of stoicism.

Stoicism with style!

Because no matter how disconcerting the cyclical contours of our life may be, there is the potential to make good on old promises–to finally realize our aims–built into the very nature of our elliptical experience. Monday’s fleeting figure is no match for our inherent creativity… or our Internet irreverence!

Gifs via: here, here, here, and here.

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