Wednesday Every Wednesday # 7

Lift thine eyes from your computer screens! Take a moment’s respite from the unceasing repetitions of whatever capitalist venture you’re currently ensconced within to appreciate one simple fact: it’s Wednesday!

Freelance Masochism…

Allow the euphoria of the workweek’s midpoint to permeate the substance of your being, filling to the brim your well of inspiration and irreverence!

Miley hard at twerk.

With a spring in your step–as opposed to coiled wire in your shoe–dance the jig of justice! Tap out the rhythm of relief with the heel and toe of the weekend’s speedy approach, for this is one dance move we all know by heart!

The Can–Can (haz chzburger)!

Before you know it, today’s tribulations will be but a memory, and we’ll be staring down the weekend’s beneficent Boomstick!

“…Just pillow-talk, baby.”

Gifs via: here, here, here, and here

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