Freaky Friday # 8


Ladies and gentlemen, once again it is our unique pleasure to shout from the proverbial rooftops… It. Is. Friday!!! Congratulations on conquering the tumultuous transformations required to stay sane in this ever-updating world!

“What, me worry?”

In mere hours, we shall burst forth from our confines, reclaiming the life that belongs unquestioningly to us. There is no better way to pry open the pistachio of perplexity than with style and absurd, choreographed dance moves developed in an utterly foreign environment!

I knew he was nuts, but this…

To wet your weekend whistles, here’s an oldie–but goodie–from The Chemical Brothers entitled, “Let Forever Be!”

That ought to prime the pump, readying us all for a weekend of expansive, experimental exploration! For life is short and fraught with difficulty… If we do not sever the shackles of conditioned responses now, this weekend, then when will we ever meet the mystical potential of this fleeting life?

I cAn haZ powerz!

Comedy So Serious! wishes you a Friday freaky enough to never forget, and a weird, worthwhile weekend full of colorful experiences!

Gifs via: here, here, and here

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