Gif Not Now, Then When? # 14

Welcome to another mind bending addition of Gif Not Now, Then When? Because the internet doesn’t stop twisting reality onto itself like the ontological Ouroboros, so why should we?

What. Is. Happening?!?!

Despite the overexposure of stimuli to our six senses, we continue to peer into the perplexing portal of the collective unconscious, unwavering in our gaze.

Play it again, Sam…

For the limits of our imagination are not necessarily constricted by our current perspective. There is always something just out of view, lingering on the horizon, tempting us onward into the unknown.

Big [Foot] Brother is watching you…

Truth be told, we have created the cavernous unconscious we now plumb the depths of. Our secrets, insecurities, intelligence, and lack thereof, have become the infrastructure of this ill-defined cyberspace. To sort it all out, we must be brave enough to investigate our fears and inadequacies.

It’s not the size of the phaser, but the setting of its shot.

Occasionally horror and delight intermingle, bringing us to the apex of our appreciation. The joy of finding solidarity among strangers, the agony of alienation among allies assuaged by asinine antics… There is no end to the possibilities provided us.

C is for Cray Cray!

Sometimes the only sane reaction in an insane world is to depart from the norm, and invite the bizarre into our borders. After all, time is of the essence and Gif not now, then when?

Shake what your mama gave ya.

Gifs via: here, here, and here.

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