Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 7

As the weekend winds down, we here at Comedy So Serious! are here to remind you that it’s not over yet! In fact, as The Young Rascals are here to tell you, Sunday can be a unique and intimate day in and of itself.

Softness never seemed so… soft.

Ah, the soothing melodies of songs from yesteryear… What a distinct effect they have upon our being, instigating a curious and relaxed state in all of our billions of neural pathways.

Pictured: The Neural [Inter]Net

Although it seems impossible to escape Monday’s looming shadow, there is time enough to find beauty and inspiration in our dwindling hours of freedom.


It has never been more important to dig our heels into the soil of self-expression than on the eve of our impending return to the mundane toils of this modern life!

“Caaall the police!”

For there is a time and a place for tears (such as on the floor of the bathtub during your Monday morning shower), but it is not now!

So, so disturbing.

May the fleeting hours of freedom we have left be fruitful and fulfilling!

Gifs via: here, here, here, and here. 

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