Monday Miasma # 10

Do you feel it? That sharp, piercing pain stabbing at the core of your being, shaking the very foundations of functionality…

It’s Monday.

In space, no one can hear your aneurisms.

Without warning or explanation, the inimical intrusion of the workweek descends upon us once more, irradiating us with irritation and inane industry.

You are now under our control. Until 5pm.

At our disposal, however, are years of training in the subtle arts of self-defense. With a sudden twist of the hips, we are able to divert the oncoming efforts of authority. By redirecting the mundane and hurling it over our shoulder, the sublime can be discovered.

Dramatic Reenactment.

The secret is to apply a healthy dose of flippancy, Judo-flippancy if you will, to our thinking and prioritization. We all have a job to do, but the real work is not to be done in by our jobs.

So crazy it just might work!

We can, and must, awaken within ourselves the perspective required to laugh in the face of degradation, knowing intimately that there is a magnanimous meme living in our hearts. Its sole purpose is to unlock our creativity and sense of self-worth. Its means are absurd, but its effects are irreplaceable and unmistakable:

“This is my happening and it freaks me out!!!”

Breathe deep. The internet is here for you. And so are we!

Gifs via: here and here

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