Happy Thanksgiving!

A special Thanksgiving installment of Comedy So Serious!

Ah, the smell of gratitude! It’s that time of year when an awkward gathering of strangers, better known as family, assembles to shame each other and exchange passive aggressive quips!

“Honey, would you pass the excess?”

Despite corporate greed and the mass-market co option of sentimentality, there is something to be said for a holiday built around the notion of being grateful. That something is, “indigestion.”

Just wait till you see the casserole…

Like most Americans, we here at Comedy So Serious! realized that we weren’t totally clear on the actual history and basis of the Thanksgiving tradition, so we did a bit of research. To streamline the educational process, we included this easy to follow Gif (below) that succinctly summarizes the history and spirit of the occasion.

Ohhh… Totally get it now.

As you can see, it’s a day dedicated to reflection, warmth, and generosity. A time to stop the hectic scramble for unattainable ends before hecticly scrambling for attainable products on “Black Friday.” A day in which no turkey is safe from feasting or facetiousness, as suits your fancy.

“Friends,” The other white meat…

The important thing is not to lose sight of what is important. Redundant? Yes. Important? Also, yes. Too often we are possessed of our own personal wants and whims, and fail to appreciate what we actually have. If for no longer than one fateful day we can remember just how lucky we are, then Thanksgiving feasts have not been devoured in vain.

That escalated quickly…

All joking aside, so as to maintain a comedic perimeter, the Comedy So Seriously! team and I, your ever grateful editor, wish you a happy, healthy day of thanks!

Night Of The ‘Giving’ Dead…

Images and gifs via: here, here, here, here, here, and here.

3 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Absolutely and who enjoys the food anyway as indigestion sets in just through the motion of feigning to eat? You must be Punchyish correct?

  2. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something which helped me.
    Thanks a lot!

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