Freaky Friday # 9


Arise, my food-coma companions! For some of us, those who don’t have to work today, there is even more cause for celebration! But regardless of our obligatory orientation, there is one thing we can all be sure of…

It’s Friday!

Time to get freaky!

Feel the flames of my Friday fury!

As we travel the confounding cosmos, let us merge our minds with any and all knowledge we come across! Here’s a little something to kick-start our Cosmonaut conquest!

The weekend is upon us, and as the year winds down, our momentum gears up. Awaken your inner child with merriment and epic panache! Delve into the dance hall of the divine with unreserved abandon! 


They will tell tales of this weekend for generations to come, as the children of our children listen with rapt attention. May your Friday be freaky, and your weekend wondrously weird!

Gifs via: here and here.

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