Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 8

Alas, Sunday rears its oft melancholic head once more! Here’s a little 80’s pep to put in your step from Joe Jackson. An oldie, but goodie, from the Sunday apologists of yesteryear!

The cycle of the weekend rapidly rotates, delivering us into the bubbling belly of Monday’s monstrous appetite.

Hypnotic… yet mesmerizing.

If you’re feeling anything like this humble editor, then there’s an apathy at large, dimming even the most beautiful glare each moment has to offer us.


But this is no way to spend the last few hours of freedom and relief we have at hand! The onus is on each of us to recover that glimmer of hope and inspiration required to remain relevant, inspired, and creatively potent!


Comedy So Serious! is here for one reason: to alleviate the ailments of austerity! To lessen the burden of boredom! To mitigate monotony! And while many of our Comedy So Serious! staff is traveling for the holidays, or otherwise occupied, we will nevertheless keep you, our regal readers, as entertained as possible! From all of us, may your Sunday afternoon and evening be a warm, worry free day of restoration!

Gifs via: here, here, and here.

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