Monday Miasma # 11

The great and terrible falcon of injustice has clasped us within its burdensome beak once again! The Mallard of Monday hath descended!

We can only hope that our ultimate demise comes swiftly…

Not even the taste of our go-to comforts retain their flavorful relief. We are at the forefront of another week, victims of time’s fleeting, faceted features.

It’s a vicious cycle…

But, much like the Doctor’s use of the defibrillator paddles, sometimes a shock to the senses is all that is required to awaken us from our tedious torpor. For the real enemy is the mind of melancholy, which misses the living current of life’s wall socket, into which we are all plugged.

Such pants ruined. Much change of undies.

With the breeze of sanity and proper perspective at our backs, we can return the insult of incredulity to the real offender–the status quo–with a simple flick of the wrist.

I said no doilies!!!

As for Monday Miasma, some gasses pass… Others pass gasses. You decide your fate!

Images and gifs via: here, here, here, and here.

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