To Twitter Or Not To Twitter; That Is The Tweet

In honor of Comedy So Serious!’ 100th post (!!!), we decided to shake things up a bit:

Tired of waiting for prepackaged, carefully edited amusement? Fed up with delayed comedic release? Comedy So Serious! has the solution:

Follow me on Twitter, right ‘here

twitter icon

Now with more Twits!

After losing an office bet graciously deciding to offer up my twitter account, I have decided to extend a rare glimpse into the personal musings and asinine aphorisms of me, your humble Editor. Will there be jokes? Yes. Will they be funny? At least Seventy Six Percent of the time!


Social media is replete with thoughtful dialogues on the goings on of the day, and we here at Comedy So Serious! are thoroughly invested in challenging that paradigm! As Samm Levine of Freaks & Geeks and Inglorious Bastards fame tweeted recently, “Twitter was invented for two purposes: 1) Humor. 2) A VERY public forum for teenage girls to ‘text’ each other.” Choose your poison!

Can’t… Stop… Tweeeeeting!

I hope to hear from you all on Twitter, in what may turn out to be a deeply regrettable decision to offer my account up for public consumption!

Here’s the link again in case you missed it above: Deegan H on Twitter.

We’re also on Facebook

May we all enjoy a near constant stream of fart jokes and biting socio-political commentary together!


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