Freaky Friday (The 13th) # 11


It’s Friday… The 13th

Cue the requisite references!

Much like Jason Voorhees, all of us can relate to the burden of being dealt a raw deal. Who among us hasn’t walked under a ladder, our vision obscured due to the penumbra of an opened umbrella, and startled a black cat who in turn startled us, causing a chain reaction that culminated in the breaking of a mirror? Who, I ask you!

The only real curse for this is having to spend 7 years in the ER.

The troublesome toils of our tiresome efforts are, in mere hours, going to yield to a weekend of restorative relaxation. The convergence of a rapidly dwindling workweek and a culturally auspicious, maligned calendar date afford us an almost assuredly weird and wonderful weekend!

“Hee-Hee” (Haw)!!!

We here at Comedy So Serious! hope that you’re weekend is as memorable and majestic as this midget-mustang’s moonwalk!

Gifs via: here and here


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