Monday Miasma # 13

It’s everybody’s favorite day of the week… To despise and decry!


You knew it was coming, yet somehow that didn’t make it any less diabolical…

If you’re anything like us here at Comedy So Serious! then you’re feeling a bit of the doldrums today, despite still being alive against all cosmic odds. The universe is not without its sadistic side, perfecting biological vessels of awareness and intelligence over the course of billions of years of evolutionary trial and error for what appears to be a swift kick in the pants.

Galaxies in motion.

We are, however, adaptive creatures, finding multitudinous methods to cope with the repetitious appearance of this most miasmic of weekdays. Among the various ways available to us for managing the stresses and suppositions placed upon us, we still strongly recommend the time honored tradition of freaking the fuck out, to use the parlance of our time.

We call this one: “The Capitalist’s Convulsion!”

Take a note from the page of the puerile, and let your inner child flail with all of the freedoms at your disposal! Monday’s corrosive cumulus cloud of monotony will pass in time, and although we can’t speed up the process, we might be able to lighten the load with some internet inanity!

Gifs via: here, here, and here. 

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