Comedy So Christmas!

Ladies and gentlemen, readers, skimmers, and browsers alike…

Welcome to Comedy So Serious!’s Christmas Spectacular!!!

All I want for Christmas is the pain to stop.

“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the towns, children were winked at, responding with frowns.”


“Such stockings were so hang, much stuffed with much gift. Very excitement. Such spirit, so lift.”

Rudolph the Wet Nosed Dogge

“When, suddenly, a sound rang out with such force, jarring and startling us from slumber’s sweet course. We rushed to the window, and what did we see? Jolly Saint Nick giving a kick to his steed!”

Hi-Ho, Ho, Ho Silver!

“Animal cruelty from such a sweet man? I asked the fool if he’d like the same plan!”

“With a kick and punch the hypocrite went down. He was sick, lost his lunch. Farewell sacrosanct clown!”

Open your present… I dare you.

“I left him alone, took all of his gifts. His reindeer went rogue and attacked him quite quick.”

Karma’s a bitch.

“The good news is, though, that despite Saint Nick’s death, there were plenty of jolly Christmas Saints left.”

“I put on his clothes, donning his cap, and mounted his horse after giving a pat. ‘The show must go on!’ I hollered and yelled. And delivered good cheer with a ring of this bell.”

“I pity the naughty!”

“No matter your beliefs, no care for the cause, be kind to each other. Or get what got Clause.”

Gifs via: here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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