Wednesday Every Wednesday # 11

When the screws of the workweek begin to tighten; when the elastic in your dress socks incites a small riot of itchiness on your calves; when you can barely contain your excitement for the weekend, becoming the picture of antsiness…

That’s one way to ruin a picnic…

It’s Wednesday!!!

As the sands of time irritate the soft flesh of impatience, we pause from our relentless trek through tedium and reflect on how far we’ve come.

“Run, Friday, RUN!!!”

But the balancing forces of nature, battling stealthily behind the scenes, are always hard at work. Even as I write this, the Calico Cat of quietude wages war with the Polar Vortex of Vexation!


By the Power of Gray Cat!

So, take heart! For, even though the fate of the weekend hangs in the calendar’s Gregorian grip, much has already been won. The struggle for the stronghold known as Wednesday has yielded many personal insights.


I know, RIGHT?!

So when your boss is chewing your head off, and you drift away to your idealized weekend fantasy, just remember, “time flays when you’re having fun!”

“I’ve been here for 3 years and I think it’s time I had a Hell-Raise…”

Here’s to Wednesday’s smoke signal foretelling Friday’s approach!

Gifs via: herehere, here, here, and here.

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