Monday Miasma # 17

Without even a glance toward the calendar, I know what day it is. I can tell by the mild, dull sense of dread that is percolating in the Mr. Coffee of my soul, brewing a bitter and muddy cup of truth:

It’s Monday

We’re into the second full week of January and some of us are still hungover from the New Year’s celebration we don’t remember being at.

And fugue-state times were had by all…

The spring loaded enthusiasm for a new year of possibility has released, and the collective re-cranking has begun. Resolutions struggle to retain their meaning, gym attendance is already slipping, dieting caveats have been introduced…

The streets run red with lolz.

And it is here that we find ourselves: at the crossroads of yet another year, another workweek, wherein the pursuit of self-aggrandizement is feverishly sought while at the same time furiously withheld.

Unless you live below this little rascal…

Small wonder, then, that we must turn within to cultivate and discover our true potential. For in each of us is a remote-control wielding, bucket-hat baller just waiting to get krunk.

You don’t chose your destiny. Your destiny choses you.

We must rally our spirits and return to the well of inspiration that feeds our creative wellbeing, taking little Gif sized sips throughout the day to stay alive. For when you stare into the lolcat… The lolcat stares back.


And life is short. We do what we must in this Merry-Go-Round of mediocrity so that we may discover, however we can, that mediocrity only exists in the mind of the blasé.

“Resistance is futile”

May your Mondays be merciful, and your coffees just right!

Gifs and images via: here, here, here, here, here, and here

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